Heath's Livery Stable

The Livery Stable was an important part of the Old West. It was where the horses were shod, fed & stabled. Without the horse, the people could not exist. Horses were used for transportation, early farming & ranching operations. They were also used to plow fields & work cattle.

The stable was not only home to the horse but other animals as well as the occasional cowboy with nowhere to lay his head.

Heath Building Supply is the sponsor of Heath Livery Stable. They began their business in the early 70's when Sammy Heath began building pole barns with a few hand tools out of the back of his pickup truck.

Then in 1985 he added a truss plant to manufacture the products he needed and sell to those that needed trusses. That started a business that he never realized would grow to become the massive production that it is today.

After a successful 30 years of business, Sammy hung up his nail bag and retired. Selling his business to his younger brother, Richard. Richard & his wife Ruth, now own & operate Heath Building Supply. Richard is always glad to help us out by using his lil' white wagon to give rides to our guests during our openings.