First Kentucky School

The schoolhouse at Cartwright Grove is sponsored by First Kentucky Bank. It made for a neat name of First Kentucky Schoolhouse. First Kentucky Bank was founded in Mayfield, Kentucky on March 6, 1899 as Exchange Bank. First Kentucky was established with a foundation of community-minded service and professional excellence that has allowed it to grow throughout its rich history, in times of both prosperity and adversity.

In 2001, the bank opened a second office in Mayfield, known as Mayfield South, and expanded its footprint beyond Mayfield and Graves County when it acquired additional banking offices in Western Kentucky. The bank also changed its name from Exchange Bank to First Kentucky Bank to reflect the excitement of one of Kentucky's fastest-growing financial service organizations. First Kentucky Bank has grown from that office on the corner of 7th and West Broadway over a century ago to a institution with over $565 million in assets and ten offices in six western Kentucky counties (Graves, Carlisle, Marshall, Livingston, Muhlenburg, and Ohio).

First Kentucky is a Member FDIC bank and an Equal Housing Lender. "Partnerships are vital to a community's health, which is why we invested in Cartwright Grove", stated Amanda Rorer, First Kentucky Marketing Officer.

Cartwright Grove is a replica 1880's Old West Town in Mayfield that draws in tourism for the Mayfield-Graves County community. We were honored to name and invest in the First Kentucky School at Cartwright Grove, and we believe our sponsored school is a wonderful addition to this special town that transports its visitors to a simpler time.

Our financial support of the school gave Cartwright Grove the opportunity to grow their attraction, which benefits residents and tourists alike. Schoolhouses were an essential part of small towns, and the First Kentucky School replica showcases what a traditional school building looked like during the 1800's.

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