Sheriff's Office & Jail

The first sheriff's office in America was occupied in 1641 with the Maryland Constitution and is still there today. The sheriff was responsible for enforcing the laws, collecting taxes, supervising elections and taking care of the legal county government business. State by state democratic elections placed a sheriff in an office. Not only did it become a tradition within the county, but became a constitutional requirement in most states around the country. The office of the sheriff has been in existence over 1000 years and is the oldest law enforcement position in the United States.

The sheriffs office and jail of Cartwright Grove was sponsored by Jo Anna & Stewart Schroer. The Schroer's are avid supporters of hometown & community activities as well as Cartwright Grove. Stewart Schroer is our town sheriff & Jo Anna Schroer is the deputy sheriff. The jail consists of two jail cells. The cells were constructed by the Mayfield Graves County Vocational Welding Class and electrical work by the Vocational Electrical Class. Metal and iron bars were donated by the late Robert & Joey Barclay of Barclay Metal in Mayfield to construct the jail cells.

Each cell has a feather bed and other items to make a persons stay one to remember upon entering the jail you will usually find it "occupied". The special visitors don't plan on staying long because of their lack of accomodations of so little food and too much discomfort. Who would?

Want to be a part of the jail? You can do that by purchasing a "wanted poster" on which your photo will be added for a $50 donation to Cartwright Grove. For more information on how to donate to the Grove, you can contact Jill Kirby.