Cartwright Grove is an 1880's reenactment western town. The idea for the town stemmed from a family tradition dating back to the 1960's in our community. At that time there was a Christmas attraction in the county called "Cartwright Farm" that was a small western town. During the holiday season, people would travel from great distances to enjoy the festivities of the town. There were blue Christmas lights, live animals, music and refreshments available at the farm. For many local families, it was a yearly tradition to visit the Cartwright Farm.


In more recent years, it was suggested by community members that recreating the Cartwright Farm would be an excellent opportunity to provide a new attraction to Graves County and it would offer future generations the chance to experience a new form of family fun. And so the Cartwright Grove project began.

The process of design and building began in July of 2014 with the esablisment of the first two buildings, Kirby's General Store and Billy's Barber Shop. Within the next year, the jail, bank and hotel were all built. There were was an outpouring of community support for the project. Local merchants helped by discounting supplies. Members of the community volunteered their time and labor to help as well. and students from Graves County and Mayfield High School used their trade knowledge ofelectricity and welding to assist in construction of the town. Today, our town consists of a total of 14 buildings, a water tower and windmill. The remaining building to be built is the 1880's log cabin home. Upon completion of the town, there will be a total of 6,895 square feet within the buildings.

The intent of Cartwright Grove is to create a family oriented environment including campfires, music and good clean fun. The town is wheelchair accessible and at the present time, receives an average of 3,500 visitors a year. The Grove hosts events multiple times a year. Some events that we've hosted are the Wild West Days during the fair, Wild West Special Needs Day during the fair days, Antique Tractor Shows, the Haunted Fall Festical (for 3 weekends in October), and Christmas at Cartwright Grove during the month of December. Another holiday event is hosted for local children, giving them the opportunity to visit Santa, making crafts and enjoying some refreshments. We are also listed on the Kentucky Tourism website as one of the places to see in Kentucky while traveling through our beautiful state.