Gladys & Lola's Millinery and Apparel Shoppe

We have loved transforming the tiny shop for the holidays that are promoted. During Halloween, we become the shop for Witch's hats, and display all kinds of attire for the better-dressed witch. Cinda and I enjoy dressing up as witches and probably have more fun than the people visiting our shop.

Let's just say when we're onsite, you know it - because you can hear our witch's cackles! Christmastime is our favorite, and thanks to the generosity of Ann Salmon - a volunteer for the original Cartwright's farm - we have some lovely Victorian decorations for our tree and guests who visit are always entertained by a Christmas Carol duet by "Gladys & Lola."

It warms my heart to think that we will be a part of the memories of the children of our area as they come year after year and experience the family atmosphere, and hometown hospitality of Cartwright Grove.