JPMC Doctor's Office

The pioneer physicians faced many different types of "enemies" in their days with diseases being their most difficult. Epidemics of Malaria ravaged frontier settlements along with scarlet fever, yellow fever, diphtheria, small pox, tuberculosis and influenza as each attacked settlers along the westward way. Pioneers chose folk remedies and medicines to try and treat their ailments. When a person became so ill, they would summons doctor if there was one within 50 miles.

The doctors office at Cartwright Grove is a great addition to our town. The siding is over 100 years old and was removed from an old Homeplace only two miles from the Grove. It was donated by the late Imogene & Howard Riley family. "Honorary" staff members are: Reuben Cuadrado "Senior Saw Bone", Cheryl Rowland Ginn "Nurse" and Mykel Tidwell "Druggist".

Mayfield Hospital was the areas first hospital. It opened its doors on February 2, 1921. After 51 years of service it closed its doors on December 31, 1972. Fuller Morgan Hospital opened on 8th & 206 W. South St. in 1950/1951. Then the name was changed to Community Hospital that operated from 1969-1993.

Our doctors office at Cartwright Grove is sponsored by Jackson Purchase Medical Center. JPMC was previously known as Pinelake Regional Medical Center. It has been at its current location since August 13, 1993. Prior to its relocation and renaming, Community Hospital served patients in the heart of downtown Mayfield. Today JPMC has more than 600 employees and more than 30 physicians, mid level providers as well as many more on its medical staff.

JPMC aims to deliver the best healthcare available in the greater Western Kentucky region. Though it's mission is of making communities healthier, JPMC strives to create a place where people choose to come for healthcare, physicians and providers want to practice, and employees want to work.

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